In Memoriam

The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center remembers Rich Jess, a dedicated volunteer, friend and supporter. Rich passed away Tuesday, Jan 17. He will be missed.

Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival


2017 Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival Happy Hiney's and the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center


If you would like to walk with us and help raise funds for Florida HIV/AIDS organizations, including the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center, click on the image above or go here!


2017 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

POZ 2017 Awareness Days posterPOZ Magazine has printed it’s annual HIV/AIDS awareness days poster as a fold-out in it’s Jan/Feb 2017 print edition. The poster is a tool to “help to educate the public in general and specific groups in particular about HIV/AIDS. Since the virus affects people from all walks of life, awareness days have increased over the years.” We have marked these days on our calendar and suggest other HIV/AIDS organizations do the same.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

On December 30, 2016, WAM board members, staff and volunteers enjoyed dinner and conversation with guest Jack Mackenroth. Click image for the gallery!

WAM CEO Hugh Beswick

WAM CEO Hugh Beswick sings the praises of our volunteers.


Let’s all treat each other with basic dignity. Someone who is HIV-negative is no “cleaner” than someone who is HIV-positive. Saying you are “clean” implies a POZ person is “dirty” and that mindset fuels stigma which acts as a barrier for testing. People on HIV treatment are less likely to spread the virus compared to people who don’t know their status and, because of stigma, don’t want to find out. End Stigma and help end HIV/AIDS.


World AIDS Day Vigil 2016 Video Presented by WILTON LIVE (

Sky Palmer of WILTON LIVE  attended the World AIDS Day Remembrance Walk & Vigil in Wilton Manors, presented by Broward House. She interviewed event organizers and participants, including our very own Ed Sparan who has attended events like this since the 1980s (and made it to this one despite a flat tire). Ed and many others give both personal and enlightening testimonials. Thank you, WILTON LIVE, for this coverage.



Saving Grace Opening Slideshow

We are very happy to share a photo slideshow from the opening of Saving Grace: HIV/AIDS in the Black Community. This very special event opened to an enthusiastic audience at the Old Dillard Museum in the Sistrunk neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale.  More pictures: click here.

Making of the Family Tree for Saving Grace

One of the artistic pieces in the Saving Grace exhibit is a family tree of related individuals affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. The branches span generations. Truly a heart-felt work, this video shows the artist collaborating and it’s transformation from start to finish. The piece moved with the rest of the exhibit to the World AIDS Museum in Wilton Manors, where it was created.

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About the Charter Club:


All levels of membership give stakeholders like you a significant opportunity to ensure the Museum’s present success and continued healthy growth into the future.

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With your support, the Museum’s key initiative, the High School Outreach Program, designed to inform and educate those at greatest risk for HIV/AIDS, will continue to expand throughout all of South Florida, and hopefully throughout the state…but only with your ongoing support.

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Clicking the “Join Now” button below will take you to a page where you can select one of the two payment plan options under your preferred level. If you have questions or would like to pay us over the phone, please call us at (954) 390-0550 and ask for Ed Sparan.


Guided Tours

The Museum offers docent-guided tours of its signature exhibit, the Chronology of AIDS. Tours accommodate groups of up-to ten people. Allow at least one hour for the tour and more time to explore our other exhibits, multimedia and interactive displays.  To schedule a tour, call Ed Sparan at the museum at (954) 390-0550.

High School Group Visit World AIDS Museum Ed Sparan

The Virtual Tapestry of Stories

Ed Sparen Tapestry screen cap

Ed Sparen

Dr. Rosalind Osgood screen cap

Dr. Rosalind

David King

David King

The Virtual Tapestry of Stories is the Museum’s audiovisual version of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. It is an interweaving of personal experiences captured in video that inspire and empower those affected by HIV/AIDS. Tapestry videos reveal the depth of impact of the myths and stigma of the disease. Tapestry fortifies our understanding of the human consequences of the pandemic. The videos were made by our collaborator, Community of Lights . You can view the complete playlist here or find it among the Created playlists on our YouTube channel.

CALL Ed Sparan at (954) 390-0550 TO SCHEDULE A FILMED INTERVIEW.