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In October 2015, we announced that we were partnering with the Broward County School system to bring HIV education to select Broward Public High Schools and Middle Schools. One of our board members is also on the Broward County School Board and aided in this endeavor. Dr. Cliff Barton, who worked on educational outreach in President Clinton’s administration, worked with us for a year to write it.

12814331_10207589631272622_2550743179436920433_nOur program, called “In Ctrl,” is a very detailed safe-sex lesson about HIV and STI’s. In addition to presentation and video, the interactive instruction allows students to ask questions. The goal of “In Ctrl” is to educate and empower young people to make educated life choices. Education is a core component of our mission and Florida’s Broward and Dade counties have the highest rates of HIV infection in the nation.

World AIDS Museum board member, Leroi Freeman, presenting HIV education in Ft. Lauderdale High School.

Ft. Lauderdale High School

We conducted our first class to about 100 students at For Lauderdale High School in the Fall of 2015. We then had follow-up meetings with Broward Schools where we reviewed what we learned from that experience and did some fine-tuning. In February, 2016 we went into South Plantation High School where we had an audience of 200 students followed by another outreach at  Cypress Run Educational Center in March. Together with the educational outreach at schools in April and May, such as Deerfield and Coconut Creek high schools, we have reached about 1,800 kids as of mid-May, 2016. 

12804729_10207589630752609_8177695554131200258_nWe conduct on-going pre and post-class feedback from both students and school instructors as well as pre and post-class testing to measure learning. We do this to continuously improve the program, its implementation and to provide tangible results and feedback to the schools and to AHF, the major funder of the program “In Ctrl” is also being offered to other organizations that focus on HIV-at-risk populations.

We are also working on on “Part 2” where we’ll confront Stigma and how it stops people from making educated choices. Our intent is to increase the willingness of youth and at-risk individuals to consider options, and potential consequences, prior to sexual encounters or needle use; to get people to commit to taking care of themselves.

Please consider donating to the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center. Your donations allow us to continue to reach young people and at-risk populations to educate, enlighten and empower. Consider joining our Charter Club or make a one-time donation of any amount by clicking the donate button below.

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