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Board Members


Will Spencer – President

Todd Fogel – Vice President

Gary Kempler – Secretary

Tim Hart – Treasurer

Steve Stagon – Founder

Jeff Banning

Jeff Schwarz

Dr. Elie Schochet

Dr. Barbara Shariff

Ari Sumargo



Hugh G. Beswick – CEO, Honorary Board



Honorary Board Members:


Scott Noxon

Hugh G. Beswick

Sheila Pettis

Paul Galluccio

Jason King

John Ramos



In acknowledgement of our historical founding, we list below our

Original Board of Directors:


President – Steve Stagon

Vice President – Bob Risse

Secretary – Tom Sheaffer

Treasurer – Scott Pringle

Director – John Ramos

Director – John Downs

Although the following were not “original” Board members, they were instrumental in the Museum creation and need to be recognized:

David Friedland and Andrew Wilkinson.






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